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Your nose is a direct connection to your brain, my dear, which responds more quickly to smell than to any other sense.

• Burn incense sticks to stimulate your imagination while creating, reading, or writing.

• Light an incense match to air out a small space. Incense matches are also perfect for a quick scent pick-me-up.

• Incense cones with your affirmations can empower your intentions. Use scent to strengthen resolve, overcome negativity and focus purpose.

• While meditating, burn the appropriate incense powder and envision the successful fulfillment of your goals. 

Or sprinkle my herbs and flowers on charcoal to influence your environment or enhance your rituals.

Mother Earth Incense is your source for incense sticks, incense matches, incense cones, jumbo incense cones, incense powders, natural herbs and incense resins to help you accomplish what you desire.

Here's a favorite incense burner that is also unique...

Baroque Stained Glass Incense Stick Burner, Black/White

Baroque Stained Glass Incense Stick Burner, Black/White
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This beautiful stained glass incense burner was specifically designed to burn 11 inch incense sticks. It is made from a style of glass called Baroque which swirls one of a variety of darker colors through clear background glass with a similar texture to complement the color. This particular burner is a combination of clear, black and white. Handcrafted in the USA. 2Wx1Hx11L

Comes with 10 free incense sticks of our choice.
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